Professional Photo Sessions

Holiday Photo Sessions

From October through December our farm provides a pictureque backdrop of lush evergreens and snow capped branches for professional photographers to offer their clients. 

Please click the BOOK NOW button and you will be taken to our scheduling page. We offer 30 minute mini sessions and 1, 3, and 5 hour group sessions for photographers.  

Please read the FAQs below and contact us with any questions. 

We hope to see you and your family on our farm!

This button is currently disabled until October 2024. If you want to book a session before this date, please use the contact info below (Last FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What are the prices for the photo sessions?

30 minutes- $25

1 hour- $50

3 hours- $135

5 hours- $220

Do you offer photo sessions during the week?  

Right now we are not available during the week for photo sessions. We currently offer bookings on Saturday and Sunday during the months of October, November, and December.  We do not offer photo sessions on Thankgiving weekend or the weekend before Christmas.  If you need a weekday appointment for your clients we might be able to accommodate you from 3-6 PM, but we are not available every night.  Please call or text 607-377-4943 and we can discuss a possibe weekday night that works with all our schedules.  

Can I reschedule if the weather is going to be bad?

Of course! We want you to get the most out of your time on the farm. If the weather is going to be rainy or not quite right for picture taking, just call or text 607-377-4943 and we can reschedule your session.  Maybe it is going to snow the day after your shoot and you really want a snow covered tree backdrop. No problem!  Just let us know and we can reschedule your booking.  

Does Empire Evergreens provide a photographer if I book a session?

No, we do not provide a photographer if you book a photo session. These sessions are geared toward the profressional photographer who wants to provide a farm/nature/Christmas themed background for their clients' photo sessions. If you want to take photos of your children or family without hiring a professional photographer, you are free to book a session. The Mini Photo Session is perfect for a single family photo opportunity whether you are taking pictures on your own or with the help of a photographer.  This is a 30 minute time slot and costs $25.

Can we bring props for our pictures?

Yes, small props that can be carried and removed easily from the property are allowed.  We ask that any props/signs/decorations that you bring to incorporate into your family photo do not damage our trees or property. 

What if we just want to take a few family photos and our friend is the photographer?

This would be considered a mini photo session. If you bring a photographer with you and you want to set up family photos in our fields, we ask you to please pay the $25 fee. You can always stop in the Gift Shop to pay for an impromptu photo session.  If you snap photos of your family harvesting a choose and cut tree, this is NOT considered a photo session. We want you to be able to document your Christmas tradition of choosing and cutting your tree free of charge.  We also offer a free photo opportunity with our decorated Norway Spruce by the gift shop.  Gather your family on the bench and snuggle together for a free family photo at this location!  This location can also be used by professional photographers should they choose to do so with a paid booking.

Can photographers scope out photo locations prior to their client's photo session?

Yes! Please call or text 607-377-4943 after you have booked your sessions to arrange a time to drive around the farm to find the best photo opportunities for your clients.  Someone will meet you when you arrive to answer any questions you have. Please be aware that we are only available to meet you during the week after 3:30 PM before our tree season starts (11/24/23). If you just want a quick look around the farm before booking your sessions, please follow the same instructions. 

What do we do when we arrive?

Please call or text 607-377-4943 upon arrival. Photographers should plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to their first session to set up. If you need help with locations, just ask, but most photographers know where they would like to shoot.  We expect that everything be removed from the property 15 minutes after your last session ends and that it looks the same as when you arrived.

Are there places we can't go (or drive) on the farm?

We ask that you stay on the east side of the railroad tracks as trains pass through the farm multiple times a day (the west side would be fields next to route 15).  This is a restricted area as we don't want people being trapped on the far side of the property by a passing train that happens to park for a few hours.  There is also not a railroad crossing on the road to warn of an approaching train, so it is not safe to drive to the west side of our property. 

This is a working farm. Starting the last weekend in October through Thanksgiving we are harvesting trees, so we ask that you stay away from the machinery and trucks during this time.  After opening day (11/24/23), our retail season has begun, so there will be lots of traffic and people in and around our fields. Our weekends are the busiest, so you might want to find a more remote location on our property to avoid cars and people. 

You are not allowed to drive your car(s) through our fields. The are a few driveways that are wide enough for vehicles, but the wide paths between our rows of trees will not accommodate cars.  These are for our farm machinery and are not wide enough for cars; you will damage our trees if you drive on them.  We can provide a farm map that shows access roads.

Who is the contact person if I have a question?

You can contact me, Lauren, with any questions regarding booking a photo session, alternative payment options, rescheduling a session, or to tour the property prior to booking.  Please call or text 607-377-4943.